New BIO-UV technology



Revolutionary durability for kitchen, bathroom, floor, outdoor, and more



The applications for quartz composite are endless: it provides the perfect base for a carefree and maintenance-friendly lifespan with enjoyment being the key word. As a 100% Belgian manufacturer, Diresco solely produces superior quality quartz composite from quartz granulates, resins, and colour pigments. Using a unique procedure, an extremely strong material is produced that distinguishes itself in a number of aspects.

  Organic raw materials


Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the world. The Diresco products which are composed of 93% natural quartz granulates have now gone one step further. Our Research & Development division have introduced an entirely innovative range of quartz composite panels, based on ingenious BIO-UV Technology.


The result of this pioneering work? The resins used are environmentally sound and vegetal based and the technical qualities surpass all expectations; it is durable, applicable and processable.

​   UV-resistant


Concerned about the damaging influences of the sun? Not here; the sun has no effect on Diresco’s quartz composite.


The BIO-UV Technology used guarantees optimum resistance against weather, making external use a realistic option (for example, in outdoor kitchens or exterior wall cladding). This exceedingly hard and durable material strongly resists the insidious creep of dampness, frost, and corrosion. This makes it an extremely robust and tough material.




Diresco has been a welcomed presence in bathrooms and kitchens for many years and now even more so, thanks to the BIO-UV Technology.


The quartz composite exhibits no pores, therefore making it non-porous, prohibiting liquids from penetrating the surface. VELVET, our latest finish, ensures an exceptional esthetic, guarantees superb density and deep color, as well as markedly increased maintenance-friendliness.

Despite the velvety soft appearance of the surface, even the most stubborn stains have no impact here.

Optimum processability


The use of BIO-UV resins has a direct positive influence on the process-ability, ensuring a higher productivity. The new BIOUV panels are available in extra large sizes of 318cm x 155cm. With dimensions like these, architects and kitchen designers can let their inspiration run free when designing kitchens and bathrooms.



All materials shrink and expand with temperature fluctuations, which in turn results in a material with points of tension. Fortunately, the BIO-UV Technology reduces this damaging impact to an absolute minimum. The quartz composite is therefore exceptionally resistant to cracking or tearing, is dimensionally stable, and displays outstanding mechanical strength.